Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fetch XML Builder for CRM 2011.

Many of the MS Dynamic CRM 4.0 lovers used handy Fetch XML Builder to generate complex fetch XML quires to retrieve the data. So those developers  dreams for having a version of fetch XML builder, which supports for CRM 2011.

Why it doesn’t support for CRM 2011, if the CRM web service is still available in CRM 2011 for backward compatibility? Developers tend to think that it doesn’t support, when they get below run time error.

You get above runtime error since you are running Fetch XML builder probably in 64 bit CRM server or 64 bit CRM development machine. Fetch XML builder installation is shipped with 32 bit CRM 4.0 SDK dlls and not 64 bit dlls. So in order to fix above run time error, you just need to replace 32 bit SDK dlls in Fetch XML builder installation folder from 64 bit SDK dlls, which can be found at CRM 4.0 SDK.

Using fetch XML to write complex queries is still a good option since execution of complex query may be 100 times faster than complex CRM LINQ query, which returns same result and Fetch XML can still be executed using Organization Service introduced on CRM 2011. And also it supports outer join, where outer join in CRM LINQ query is not straight forward.

Would you like to try Fetch XML builder for CRM 2011? if yes here we go..
1.       Download Fetch XML builder from Fetch XML Builder and install it on your local machine or a server.
2.       If you need a key please drop me your email and I will send you a key.
3.       If your machine is 64 bit, Replace 32 bit CRM 4.0 SDK dlls,which can be found at Fetch XML builder installation folder, from 64 bit SDK dlls and you can download 64 bit CRM 4.0 SDK dlls from my share(64 bit SDK dlls)

Are you a Dynamic CRM Fetch XML Builder? I am..

--Thushara Manchanayake--


  1. TM the Fetch XML Builder is a great. However, after doing some configuration work in our production deployment for SSRS reports in CRM - it appears that I'm now faced with the following "Error Message: The request failed with HTTP status 401: Unauthorized"
    The environment is a Windows 2008 R2 CRM 2011 On Premise deployment connected to a SQL Server 2008 R2 deployment.
    I'd be willing to help debug the solution to help with issue.

  2. Did fetch XML builder work without any issue before doing configuration work?
    It is difficult to help you without knowing configuration change on production, you did.

  3. Where can I get the key for installation? I don't want to post my email address on here.

  4. Will Fetch XML Builder work with CRM 2013? If so how can i get a key for installation

  5. There is now a FetchXML Builder plugin to the familiar XrmToolbox that works with CRM 2011, 2013 and 2015 :)

  6. Hello Please let me know the key as it saying invalid